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Zonnique Pullins Shows Off Newly born child Girl’s Head Full Of Hair On IG Live With Bandhunta Izzy

Zonnique Pullins took to her Instagram Live with partner Bandhunta Izzy, where she gushed about how their baby girl has a ‘square face’ like Izzy and hair just like Zonnique! Check out the clip!
Zonnique Pullins and Bundhunta Izzy‘s baby girl got the best from each of her parents. Over the course of Zonnique’s Instagram Live on January 26, the 24-year-old girl of Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris described to those tuning in that her one-month-old girl has her hair and Izzy’s face. “You want to see the back of the baby’s head so bad,” Zonnique observed of the comments she was receiving from admirers.

Once Izzy brought they baby girl over to the camera, Zonnique introduced her girl — or part of her, at least! “That’s my baby’s head, y’all,” she said, pointing at her girl’s noggin. “It looks like mine,” she went on, adding, “Izzy thought it ……

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