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Young Buck’s GF Arrested For Firing Gun Over the course of Fight With Him!!

The girlfriend of ex G-Unit rapper, Young Buck, has been arrested after she reportedly fired a gun over the course of an argument she was having with him.
When deputies arrived, she told them that Young Buck flipped over a large glass table in the home over the course of the fight and grabbed her by her jacket and tried to throw her to the ground. She fled to the bedroom and grabbed the gun.

After Buck spotted the gun, he reportedly ran down to the garage and started kicking a wall. She then went down to the garage when he started walking towards her “aggressively.”

She says she fried a shot into the ground. Buck climbed into his vehicle and she says he started driving towards her, so she fired off another round. She denies trying to hit him

Cops say the argument started over social media passwords.
Neal was booked into the Sumner County ……

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