YNW Melly’s Manager Denies Snitching Claims

The manager of YNW Melly has denied rumors that he snitched on the imprisoned rapper.Track, who also managed late rapper, King Von, denies being the cause Melly is behind bars.KING VON’S MANAGER, TRACK, SPEAKS.King Von’s Manager Speaks (; 1:01) “Bro, Melly clearly turned himself in. Obviously, no one’s in jail because of me, obviously. If a situation happened where it’s a lot of things unraveling — you got the police, you got the detectives, you got the prosecutors, you got everybody trying to figure things out…so, I’m Melly’s day-to-day manager. When these incidents happen, of course, the first person they’re gonna put a microscope on is me. I’m with him every day. I’m moving him around. When they came, they came not only for suspects, they tried to, of course, throw me in there,” he described.He continued: “If you clearly look, then you can see, they came ……

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