‘Wonder Woman 1984’ to hit video-on-demand in Canada alongside theatrical start

TORONTO – “Wonder Woman 1984” is coming to Canadian homes on Christmas Day, after all.
Warner Bros. Pictures says it’s moving forward with a “hybrid release strategy” across Canada that will see the anticipated DC superhero flick start as a video-on-demand rental the same day it launches in film theatres.
The decision comes after Warner caused a stir last month when it announced the Gal Gadot film would only be available in Canadian film theatres, in spite of many of them being closed due to COVID-19 measures.
In the United States, the film studio had shifted “Wonder Woman 1984” to a planned Dec. 25 premiere on its HBO Max streaming service, which isn’t available in Canada.
But Warner says it’s modified the Canadian launch due to “varying market restrictions,” and the new route will ensure that the film is widely available, whether theatres are open or not.
“Wonder Woman 1984” will carry a $29.99 rental price for ……

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