Why Tyler Posey Is ‘Happy’ He Finally Opened Up About His Sexuality After Getting Sober

Tyler Posey wants to ‘be true to himself and the globe’ as much as he possibly can after he discussed his sexuality on a radio show, and disclosed he has ‘hooked up’ with men in a video chat, the previous week.

Tyler Posey, 29, has no regrets about revealing details about his sexuality over the past few months. The Teen Wolf star came out on Instagram in Aug. by telling people he was “confident” with his sexuality and “loved everybody”, and lately disclosed he has “hooked up” with men, in a video chat on his OnlyFans account, which can be seen below. Although the confession has put him in a bigger spotlight that opens him up to various opinions from the public, he’s fine with it as long it can help others.

“Tyler is an open book and he wants to be as true to himself and the globe as he ……

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