Why Khloé Kardashian’s Birthday Wishes To Kanye West MAY Be A Message From Kim… – Perez Hilton

Is it just us, or does Khloé Kardashian totally have Kim Kardashian‘s back on this one??
In case you missed it, Kim’s birthday post for estranged hubby Kanye West was rather adoring and enamored — almost like she is trying to imply she still loves him.
Oh wait, she actually said that exact thing?? Yep, she wrote:
“Happy Birthday, Love U for Life!“
Pretty intense sentiment for an ex after you’re the one who filed for separation. Especially considering how much she was defending him in her tear-filled rant on last Thursday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, talking about the kind of wife Kanye merits — instead of the kind of husband she merits, who won’t leave his family to start an artist retreat three states away.
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But she wasn’t the only Kardashian with the “for ……

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