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Here in San Francisco Bay Area, our main public transit train system is called BART (short for Bay Area Rapid Transit). Well, just saw that BART is looking for new abodes for some train cars they’re retiring. The cars are free but there’s a expensive catch. The new (and thoroughly vetted — see below) owners must pay for transportation costs to get them off the lot which could amount to $8 to $10K, according to BART. On the Facebook announcement, people have suggested all kinds of uses for these cars including homeless shelters, play structures, and fish habitats.
BART is now accepting pre-qualification applications for proposals to re-use BART’s legacy cars. While the majority of BART’s retired train cars will be recycled and used for parts, museums, nonprofits, agencies and the general public are now invited to submit their ideas for giving an undetermined number of the old cars a new life. ……

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