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Sean Bonner wrote a good introductory piece to NTFs (non-fungible tokens), which can be used to sell and trade digital works of art. Sean (who is selling NFTs of his cool glitched photography) got me interested in making some NFTs of my own, which I’m calling ottomatika. I just released 10 of them at 0.02 ETH each.From Sean’s piece:

An artist can “tokenize” a piece of work and then sell it, and the buyer can prove that what they just purchased is the original thing sold by the artist. And because the blockchain is public, every time that artwork changes hands it’s recorded in a public ledger and at any point someone can verify the piece is legitimate and trace the chain of custody all the way back to the artist who originally released it. (Or the impersonator, as the case may be) Like an old library check out card, the ……

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