Wedded At First Sight’s Chris & Paige’s Crisis; Chris’s Side Chick Is PREGNANT!

Wedded at First Sight’s Chris Williams and Paige Banks are having a bit of trouble in their new marriage … and that’s an understatement. MTO News learned that reportedly Chris has a mistress, whom he got pregnant, and they are anticipating a baby together.

Paige and Chris make their start  in Lifetime network’s Wedded At First Sight, Atlanta (MAFSA) in season 12. Chris Williams is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur.
The couple seemed like a ideal fit, given that their powerful religious beliefs and the fact that Chris Williams wanted someone attractive and “freaky” – which Paige definitely is.
So how did it all go wrong?

Well according to the streets, MTO News is hearing that Chris Williams’ ex-fiance got pregnant, and is carrying his baby. She was reportedly his “mistress” for many years.  And Chris’ new wife Paige didn’t find out until after the wedding.

While it’s not clear, ……

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