Watch Hilarious ‘Drunk’ Backflip Fail in Viral TikTok Video

“Drunk me thought she could do a backflip 🤣💀” posted the would-be gymnast.

Quarantining can cause some people to go a little stir crazy, especially when you add alcohol to the equation.
For one social media fan, the combination proved delightfully hilarious, as she showcased her gymnastic prowess in an effort to do a backflip in a living room while her two siblings watched with buzzy anticipation.

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In the short clip that has over 8 million views, TikTok user wild_rubez, dressed in a sweatshirt and Grinch pajama bottoms, prepares the audience for her awesome acrobatics by shouting, “Want some s–t!”
After crouching low, she throws her body up in the air with arms outstretched, twists and all of a sudden falls on her face, sticking the landing. The family can’t contain themselves as they double over with laughter.
In a follow up video, wild_rubez ……

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