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Watch Drew Barrymore Reunite With Charlie’s Angels’ Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Watch Drew Barrymore Reunite With Charlie's Angels' Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

You may get 50 first dates, but only one talk show series premiere.

Monday, Sept. 14 was a big day for Drew Barrymore as she officially kicked off her brand-new talk show appropriately titled The Drew Barrymore Show . During the episode, close friend Adam Sandler appeared to help reboot one of the pair’s best movies together. Oh yes, we’re talking about the 2004 romantic comedy, 50 First Dates .

“Hi Lucy, good morning,” Adam shared while in character. “It’s me, Henry. We are on I think our 5,000th date together and it’s been great. I’m going to catch you up.”

For those who haven’t seen the movie, Drew played a woman named Lucy who suffers from amnesia. As a result, she always woke up forgetting that she was married to Henry.In the reboot, Adam was quick to set the scene on what life is like. “It’s also 2020 and we’re also […]

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