Washington Has Started Legally Composting Humans

If you’re not too hot on cremation, and you don’t dig burials….

Washington has composted its first human.
Legislation to introduce composting as an alternative to burial or cremation, signed in 2019, came into outcome last year and had its first customers in December.
Currently there are three facilities licensed to perform Natural Organic Reduction in the state, according to a report by KOIN: Herland Forest, Recompose and Return Home.

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Explaining how it works on its website, Herland Forest describes the process as an “investment.”
According to Senior Steward Walt Patrick, it works related to a normal composter: the deceased is loaded into a large cylindrical drum, called a NOR Cradle, containing 200 gallons of wood chips.
“Rather than just rely on the bacteria naturally found within a person’s digestive system, we enhance the reduction process by adding ……

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