Vice President Kamala Harris Calls Mass Exodus of Women From the Workplace a ‘National Emergency,’ Which It Is

Screenshot: YouTube
In a virtual roundtable with members of Congress and women’s advocacy groups, Vice President Harris addressed the astonishing amount of women who have left or been pushed out of the workplace as a result of the pandemic. “Some 2.5 million women dropped out of the labor force over the course of the pandemic, compared to 1.8 million men,” according to a report from Reuters, with racial minorities being hit the hardest across both categories. Harris stated that without women, the “economy cannot totally recover” and validated that women leaving the work place was and should be treated as a national emergency.

“Women leaving the workforce in these numbers is a national emergency and it demands a national solution,” she said before launching into the Biden administration’s proposal to remedy the situation. The Washington Post reports, “the Biden administration has outlined several facets that officials say will ease the burden on unemployed ……

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