U.S. Surgeon General’s Young Boy Makes A Surprise Appearance Over the course of Interview With Gayle King, Brings Laughter

Gayle King was left asking what happened over the course of a live virtual interview with U.S. General Surgeon Dr. Vivek Murthy on “CBS This Morning”.
“Dr. Vivek, something keeps popping up on your screen,” King says, interrupting the interview addressing vaccine hesitancy.  “We want the viewers to understand, we see it too, we don’t understand what… it is.”
Dr. Murthy was using a digital Zoom background image which meant the object was only partially visible when it came close enough to the camera.
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“Everything is safe, everything is good. There’s something… something popping up, but all is good,” she adds as Dr. Murthy discloses it is his 4-year-old boy coming in for a hug.
“I’ll show you here – it’s my little boy,” he says to laughter as his boy pops into full view.

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