Twitter Divided As Rory & Mal Return To The Joe Budden Podcast

This week, Rory and Mal returned to the Joe Budden Podcast — and while some listeners were very happy, others were sad Ish and Ice would not be co-hosting the show.Mal said he was shocked to see the way that a lot of people wanted he and Rory to fail.JOE BUDDEN SPEAKS ON LOGICLupe Fiasco & Joe Budden Talk Logic (; 1:00) “To see how certain people were reacting from that things that they were saying, I was like, ‘Oh yeah. This is why I don’t f*ck with people. This is why I stay to myself a lot i don’t really be in the mix because y’all sit here and act like you f*ck with us and the first sign turmoil, it’s like, ‘I knew that wasn’t going to work. I knew them n*ggas was finished,'” he said.He added, “To see it from certain people, ……

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