Twitch Streamer Flies Out of Chair As Lobster Appears to Rise From the Dead Over the course of Meal Prep

“It was his last heroic stand against a terrifying enemy.”

A Twitch user got one heck of a scare while trying to make herself a delicious seafood meal.
In a viral video posted to the streaming platform on Wednesday, a young female with the channel name “heehee1004” starts off by showing her followers a live lobster she will be preparing for dinner.


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After following an online tutorial, she takes apart the lobster to work on removing the meat from the claws and tail. As she struggles with a chopstick on the tail, she turns to a pair of scissor for help when all hell breaks loose.
Plunging the metal blades into the tail causes it to coil up as if the creature was brought back from the dead. She screams, flails, flies off her ……

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