Trump’s final 100+ pardons to include rapper Lil Wayne and ex NY Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver | Boing Boing

The supposed list of one hundred or so Trump pardon and clemency candidates includes rapper Lil Wayne and ex New York Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver, reports the New York Times late Monday.
Those under consideration include such disparate figures as Sheldon Silver, the disgraced ex New York Assembly speaker, and the rapper Lil Wayne, who pleaded guilty last month to a gun charge. Rudolph W. Giuliani says he does not expect one, and Stephen K. Bannon’s chances seem to have dimmed. Mixed in among the big names, low-level drug offenders are under consideration.
As President Trump enters the final hours of his term, he has been intently focused on who should gain from his clemency power. Along with the White House counsel, Pat A. Cipollone, and advisers including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, his girl and son-in-law, Mr. Trump has spent days sifting through names and recommendations, assembling a list ……

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