Trump Allegedly Planning To Announce 2024 Presidential Run Over the course of Joe Biden’s Inauguration – The Shade Room

#Roommates, although the 2020 presidential election was a month ago, Donald Trump has not only refused to concede after clearly losing to Joe Biden—but now he has supposedly set his sights on ruining Biden’s inauguration. Trump supposedly has decided that the ideal time to announce his 2024 presidential run is over the course of the inauguration when Biden officially takes office in January.
According to @TheDailyBeast, inside sources supposedly disclose that in addition to Trump currently hashing out a presidential run in 2024, he is also fine-tuning the specifics to make his first steps to reclaim the White House—and it involves him attempting to steal Joe Biden’s shine. Sources knowledgeable of Trump’s reported tactics, state that within the past two weeks, he has floated the idea of doing an event centered on his potential 2024 presidential run over the course of Biden’s inauguration week, most likely on Inauguration Day.
Allegedly, Trump and some of ……

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