Trishelle Cannatella Apologizes for ‘Racially Insensitive’ Fight with Aneesa Ferreira on The Challenge

The two ex “Rivals” costars address their almost 10-year-old feud on “All Stars.”
It took nine years, but Aneesa Ferreira finally got a long-deserved apology from Trishelle Cannatella following their notorious feud on “The Challenge: Rivals II.”
For anyone needing a refresher, over the course of “Rivals II” — which aired in 2013 — Trishelle was confronted after making comments about Aneesa’s diverse background. Ferreira memorably referred to her costar as “Trashelle,” before Cannatella starting calling Aneesa a “f—ing stripper.” Things then got physical, before Trishelle quit the next morning, never to return. She’d later claim that her exit wasn’t purely because of the Aneesa confrontation, but because she also didn’t feel like it was a safe production overall.
With “The Challenge: All Stars” reuniting them on camera for the first time since that spat, the two sat down to hash out their past on this week’s new episode of the Paramount+ series.

“I ……

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