Trey Songz Spits Into Two Women’s Mouths On What Appears to Be a Set

A new video of Trey Songz oozing saliva into the mouths of two women is raising a lot of questions — probably most important of which being … how in the hell is this safe?!?
Check out this 13-second clip of a shirtless Trey on what appears to be a set of some sort, with two women kneeling in down in front of his junk (which luckily doesn’t make an appearance) and licking each other’s tongues, as TS stands above and spits on ’em.
The clip — which doesn’t have much context at this point — is quite gross on its face, as the internet duly noted after it surfaced and went viral. It sure seems degrading, but the two women here seem to be more than active and willing participants.

Anyway, I woke up to Trey Songz spitting in two hoes mouth this morning, wbu? image.twitter.com/layMAnPY38
— 𝕜𝕪𝕟 (…

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