Tom Arnold Remembers Having His Bachelor Party Kicked Out Of A Strip Club, Thanks To Chris Farley’s Nude Dancing

Chris Farley can turn any bachelor party up a notch.
Tom Arnold appeared on “The Howard Stern Show” this week and recalled the bachelor party he had thrown for one of his weddings in the ’90s.
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As it turns out, the party got removed short, thanks to a Farley stunt.
“Farley disappeared and then came on stage naked, and then they ended up kicking everybody out,” Arnold said. “I mean, he was a big guy. He did not mind being naked.”
That said, Arnold claims that Farley once confessed to him that he had some hesitations about doing the now-infamous “Saturday Night Live” Chippendales sketch featuring Patrick Swayze.
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“He called me that week and he said, ‘I am so embarrassed. ……

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