Toilet Paper, Disinfectant Companies Stocked for 2nd Lockdown


If you’re worried about having enough wipes for your counters or toilet paper for your bum, don’t be — suppliers have so much of the good stuff now, it’s coming out their … y’understand.
TMZ talked with companies in the disinfectant and tush tissue trades, and they assure us they’re well-equipped to handle more lockdowns, and even panic buying. The bottom line, if you will … they’ve learned from the first time around.

Take Cottonelle and Scott toilet paper, for example … a rep for Kimberly-Clark — the personal care conglomerate owns both brands — tells us there’s absolutely enough supply of both as COVID’s resurgence has many states teetering on the verge of hunkering down again.
We’re told KC cut back on manufacting other products it sells in order to focus resources on cranking out more perforated protection for your caboose.

There’s another company called Bumboo — which makes bamboo toilet ……

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