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Through therapy, reframing, meditation and a lot of self-care, I can confidently say that I am down to 0-1 panic attacks a year. What I have yet to completely overcome is my time anxiety — the feeling that there is not enough time and/or that I am not doing enough. This very thorough article on Fast Company did a great job of explaining the separate types of time anxiety and strategies for coping. Here are my own —  apparently effective — strategies that get me through the days panic attack free: 

Daily time anxiety: This is the feeling of never having enough time in your day. You feel rushed. Stressed. Overwhelmed.

Strategy: I’ve completely abandoned the concept of “maximizing” my day. I use a pen-and-paper task list and I ask myself “What is the one task that will make tomorrow easier for me?” and I mark that one task a priority with ……

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