TikToker Gets Caught in McDonald’s Parking Lot Shootout, Finishes Cookie

“Next time we’re going to Chick-fil-A.”
Some say McDonald’s cookies are to die for. Among them might be Tyler Newell, who made sure he finished his after getting caught in the middle of a parking lot shootout in an insane TikTok video.
The dashcam clip shows Tyler and his mate Zach grabbing some breakfast before an early morning round of golf on Friday, when all hell breaks loose right behind them.

Giggling at the amount of cop cars flooding into the lot, Tyler’s expression instantly drops when they hear shots ringing out.
“Oh my gosh dude! Holy f— dude!”, Zach exclaims before the two dive for cover — but not before Tyler can shove the delicious remainder of his chocolate chip cookie into his mouth.
As they chance another peek, officers can be seen approaching a car with guns drawn, while Tyler tries to voice his shock at what he is ……

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