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The best toys are the ones with an extended shelf life. While you can do a puzzle once, it doesn’t always have the same spark when you solve it the second, third, or fourteenth time. That’s why a lot of project kits start to lose their luster once all the projects are completed.One way toys can earn extra playtime is when their components offer the chance to create new fun beyond their intended projects. That plays right into the hands of inquisitive children anyway — and the DIY Robotic Curiosity Kit is one such toy that offers new ways to educate and entertain even after the initial projects are completed.
This introductory STEM learning kit for children ages 7 to 10 packs 15 separate DIY experiments that not only trigger a child’s creativity, but they also help a child explore the fundamentals of robotics in a fun, yet organic way.
The set contains ……

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