This Is Why Sally Struthers Stopped Trying to ‘Save the Children’ After 30 Years

“They were going to shoot all of us …” she said of the scary ordeal.
For almost 30 years, Sally Struthers was inescapable on television — but it had nothing to do with her work on “All In the Family,” the “9 to 5” series and voice work on “TaleSpin” and “Dinosaurs.”
Instead, it was her work in commercials for Christian Children’s Fund and Save the Children Federation Inc., pleading with viewers to sponsor a child in need. Struthers’ became an easy target for the gig, getting lampooned on “In Living Color” and standup comedians like Sam Kinison — but she wasn’t laughing.

Appearing on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast on Monday, the actress revisited some of the ridicule she got back in the day and described the incident that made her refocus her efforts a little closer to home.
“I did that for 30 years of my life,” she said of her globe hunger activism, ……

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