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For a kid, STEM has almost become like eating your vegetables or cleaning your pet’s litter box. Your parents might say it’s necessary, but that doesn’t mean you’ll to enjoy it. But like many ideas that take root in a young mind, they aren’t always correct. The reality is that STEM and STEM-related activities aren’t always about boring study or laborious learning. At times, it’s actually proof that the globe of science and technology can be incredibly fun and very, very cool.Children can get a taste of that uber-fun side of STEM toys with this STEM Starter Bundle, including a pair of Twin Science technology boxes aimed at engaging both creativity and ingenuity in children ages 5 to 10.
For younger children, the Robotic Art Kit combines every child’s innate creative energy with an interest in gadgetry to meld the worlds of design and technology. Created for children between ages 5 and 8, this ……

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