These Adorable Snapshots Of Ciara And Her Children Have Inspired Me To Actually Change Out Of Sweatpants Today

Just when I thought this family couldn’t get any cuter!

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But now, the singer is proving that she and her children are the new standard for matching ambitions!

In a recent Instagram post, the 35-year-old shared a sweet photo with her three children: Win, Sienna, and Future. They were all decked out in varsity jackets in Seahawks colors with a giant W on the front. So adorable!!

In the caption, Ciara wrote, “We’re so proud of you, Russell! Wish we could be at the stadium cheering you on today!”

Ciara/ instagram.com

OMG, look how sweet this baby is! I just wanna squeeze those cheeks!!

“Go Baby! Go Daddy!” she concluded.

Thanks for sharing such a adorable twinning moment, Ciara! We love to see it!

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