These 11 Personality Duos Have No Issue Admitting They Go to Couples Therapy

Don’t stress about issues with your significant other because fights are normal, just ask some of Hollywood’s most famous couples! Over the years, these dynamic star duos have opened up about their involvement woes and even shared some tricks of the trade to get through the peaks and valleys. As it turns out, a lot of stars have turned to couples therapy when it comes to the hard times.
Amid the existing coronavirus pandemic, Jennifer Lopez disclosed over the course of a February 2021 interview with Allure magazine that she and longtime love Alex Rodriguez worked on their involvement through therapy. The Hustlers actress told the publication that quarantining with her family “has been actually really good” before admitting that throughout their time at home, she and the ex MLB star “did therapy,” noting that “it was really helpful for us in our involvement.”

Another A-list pair, Pink and husband Carey Hart — ……

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