‘The View’ Co-Hosts Call Out Texas Politicians, Including Ted Cruz For Flying To Cancun Amid Massive Power Outages In Texas After Snowstorm

A small-town mayor in Texas has resigned after melting down on Facebook Tuesday, when he called for “sluggish” locals to fend for themselves amid a deadly snowstorm and power outages across the state.“Quit crying and looking for a handout! Get off your ass and take care of your own family,” wrote Tim Boyd, the then-mayor of Colorado City, Texas, in the city’s Facebook group.
Boyd declared in the Tuesday morning post that he was about to “hurt some feelings,” then went on to rip anyone who might need help over the course of the snowstorm, which left millions without power and resulted in at least 21 deaths across the southern U.S.
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Boyd dismissed community aid as “socialist” in his long Facebook rant and hinted at survival of the fittest in his town of 4,000 people.
“Only the powerful will survive ……

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