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The US government paid the Trump Organization $3 per glass of water served at a Mar-a-Lago meeting | Boing Boing

The Washington Post reports on the receipts from a 2018 meeting at the Mar-a-Lago resort club between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump, who also owns and runs Mar-a-Lago.
In the next two days, as Trump and Abe talked about trade and North Korea, Trump’s Palm Beach, Fla., club billed the U.S. government $13,700 for guest rooms, $16,500 for food and wine and $6,000 for the roses and other floral arrangements.
Trump’s club even charged for the smallest of services. When Trump and Abe met alone, with no food served, the government still got a bill for what they drank.
“Bilateral meeting,” the bill said. “Water.” $3 each.

Using publicly-available records, the Post was able to determine that the Trump Organization has earned at least $8.1 million dollars over the last 4 years, just from official policy and campaign events hosted at Trump properties. This includes at least $2.5 million straight from the ……

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