‘The Undoing’ Finale Recap: Elena’s Killer Is Finally Disclosed After Grace’s Game-Changing Testimony

‘The Undoing’ finale saved the best twists for last. Jonathan’s trial continued, and things took a turn when Grace took the stand. In the end, Elena’s killer was disclosed.

The finale picks up where the penultimate episode left off. Grace discovers the sculpting hammer, and Henry wakes up. He tells her that he found it in the outdoor fireplace at the beach house just after they got there. She demands to understand why he didn’t tell her. “Because he murdered her,” Henry says to Grace. “I didn’t want him to get caught.” He knew that she would turn over the weapon, and Jonathan would go to prison.
Grace brings the family and Haley together to figure out what to do with the hammer. Jonathan discloses that he and Elena would go to the beach house over the course of their affair. Jonathan thinks Fernando planted the sculpting hammer and ……

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