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Wait, people can smell ants?!Or, if you’re the woman in this TikTok video, it’s actually more bizarre that people can not smell ants.

I will admit that I have not given much thought to this debate either way. But Loved Science has weighed in with an interesting explanation for why Eau de Dead Ant is apparently as contentious as Laurel and Yanny, or a color changing dress:

 Some species, including carpenter ants, spray formic acid, a caustic chemical that smells a lot like vinegar, when they feel threatened. (Some people think that the ability to smell formic acid is genetic, like asparagus, and that might be why some people are more sensitive to this particular ant smell than others.) Citronella ants are named for the distinctive citrusy scent they often produce, and trap-jaw ants release a chocolatey smell when squished. When ants die of natural causes, they also release ……

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