The double-wide driveway will sell Baltimore’s goth house | Boing Boing

Dan Kois at Slate couldn’t resist interviewing Matt Godbey, the agent selling a goth’d out single family home in Baltimore.Slate:

Slate: When you have a house with decor as unusual as this, do you try to get the sellers to neutralize it a little? Or do you just embrace it?
Matt Godbey: Well, you should have seen it before. He somewhat neutralized it. I told him: I’ve been doing this for 33 years, and I understand what sells. Some of the things in there, I told him, will frighten people. There were about 25 mannequins in the basement and some upstairs.
His thing is horror films. It’s not a cult thing. And I can relate—I’ve seen quite a few of those films myself. He removed the mannequins. He did what he could, but between getting the house …

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