THE BRUCE HAACK SONGBOOK is a vital and RARE piece of early Electronic Music history. Hear a Pc play through all of it. | Boing Boing

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual tales paired with vintage modular electronic soundsHi, everyone, welcome back to the show. We’re just now getting through an entirely wild week of weather and bureaucratic power grid failure here in Texas. Texas has been on its own power grid since 1935, or approximately since power grids existed in the United States.
This isolationism on Texas’ part meant that if we, say, refused to weather-proof our electrical grid (not needed if you aren’t regulated!) then, likely, close to 4 million people would be without power over the course of the coldest week of weather in decades. And, it’s not like TX politicians care about dead bodies, but it would also add to Greg Abbott’s death count for 2021, with some very tragic tales. So the first two tracks (introduction and discussion) this week discuss how my wife and I ……

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