Teyana Taylor Is The First Black Woman Named As The Hottest Woman Alive

Teyana Taylor is making history! She is now the first black woman to be called the hottest woman alive by Maxim’s Hot 100 Issue.
Check out the photos in the magazine here.
‘Somebody pinch me!!!! Maxim Hot 100 to be named the ‘Hottest Woman alive’ by literally living in the skin I’m in. WOW….Stepping back in front of the lens has been a journey of self-reflection and self-confidence. Living up to name and title of this shoot wholeheartedly made me anxious,’ she started her message.
She continued and said: ‘As a entrepreneur, wife, a busy mom of two & working behind the lens in my director bag I tend to hide behind my sweats & vintage tees, My “Spike Tey” glasses, and whatever hair style I’ve mustered up that day under my …

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