‘Teen Mother 2’: Briana DeJesus Discloses Why She Was ‘Anxious’ To Meet Her Secret Teenage Brother

Briana’s ‘family secret’ was finally disclosed over the course of a ‘Teen Mother 2’ special on Jan. 19, but before it aired, the reality TV star informed us what it was really like meeting her teenage brother.

Briana DeJesus bared her soul on Jan. 19, when Teen Mother 2: Briana’s Family Secret aired and viewers learned the mother of two has a secret teenage brother. Briana had no idea, but when a distant relative sent her a DM and shared the startling information, she was floored. Apparently, her biological dad impregnated a woman just before he and Briana’s mother separated, so her brother is now 14 years old.
Because Briana’s father kept Kevin a secret, he and Briana hadn’t met before. But over the course of the Tuesday evening special, which was filmed in Sept. 2019, Briana took matters into her own hands and set up a meeting with Kevin. However, she didn’t wait for her ……

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