Talk Host Colin Cowherd ‘Accidentally’ Talks About Co-Host Delight’s Breasts

Yesterday sports talk show host Colin Cowherd made what appears to be an inappropriate comment about his co-host Delight Taylor’s breasts. And MTO News has learned that many followers of the sports caster are trying to get him “cancelled” for the alleged comment.

The pair were discussing the best cities to play football, and Colin slipped up, and appeared to subconsciously compliment his co-hosts breasts. While talking with Delight, instead of saying “two cities” Colin instead used the phrase “two titties.”
Here are some pictures of Delight:

Colin is a sports media personality. Cowherd started his broadcasting career as sports director of Las Vegas television station KVBC and as a sports anchor on several other stations before joining ESPN in 2003, where he hosted a radio show on the ESPN Radio network and also became one of the original hosts of ESPN’s television program SportsNation, as well as Colin’s New Football ……

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