Surfing Exploding Over the course of Pandemic, Shops Can’t Keep Boards In Stock!


Shreddin’ the gnar is taking off over the course of the pandemic … TMZ Sports has learned surfing has EXPLODED while people try to have fun while social distancing!!!
We talked with several of the country’s biggest surf shops and board manufacturers this week … and each one informed us the demand has been so huge, they can’t keep boards in stock!!
“We’re back-ordered and can’t keep up with the demand,” a representative for C-Shapes in Florida says. “The surfboard sector is on fire right now.”
Added a rep for Chilli Surfboards in California, “We’re selling four times the amount that we usually do.”
It all makes sense … surfing’s outdoors. It’s socially distant. It’s cheap. And, it’s straight-up great exercise!
Here’s how spokespeople from some of the other big shops and manufacturers around the nation described the demand to us this week:
JS Industries — “More beginners entered the market than almost ever before ……

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