Summer House’s Hannah Berner and Fiance Des Bishop’s Involvement Timeline

A whirlwind romance. Hannah Berner started seeing now-fiancé Des Bishop before she started filming season 5 of Summer House in 2020, but that didn’t stop her on-again, off-again romance with costar Luke Gulbranson from becoming a point of contention in the Hamptons house.
Berner and Gulbranson met while filming season 4 of the Bravo show. After hooking up over the course of the 2019 season, the pair kept in touch but had distinct ideas of their status.
“I feel like things kind of trailed off, but not trailed off in a bad way,” he said over the course of the reunion, which aired in May 2020.
Berner, who noted that they talked on the phone almost daily, responded, ”I think there’s a difference between chemistry and compatibility. I think he’s a great person, but I don’t understand if I could trust him as boyfriend material.”
Soon before the cast started filming season 5 in July 2020, the “Giggly Squad” ……

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