Steve-O Pulls a Steve-O By Pouring Hot Sauce In His Eye Over the course of Hot Ones

“Yeah, that last bit was unnecessary,” the “Jackass” star screamed.
Steve-O was on the season finale for “Hot Ones” and he made quite the exit.
In true “Jackass” fashion, he shocked host Sean Evans and admirers as he chugged his own bottle of hot sauce — before then pouring some of it directly into his right eye at the end of the segment.
As Sean looked on in horror, Steve-O doubled over in pain and screamed, “Yeah, that last bit was unnecessary.”
“Closing out Season 14 the only way we understand how — with a love letter to Day 1 admirers,” Sean described the insanity.
Before Steve-O had a chance to temporarily blind himself with a delicious condiment, he regaled Sean with the tale of him taking “the worst beating” of his life while wrestling on Monday Night Raw.
“And prior to shooting “Jackass 4,” I argue probably the worst concussion I ever ……

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