Steve & Marjorie Thow Lori Harvey $100K Birthday Gala At MANSION!! (Video)

Lori Harvey turns 24 soon, and so she released some exclusive birthday pictures from a lately arranged photoshoot. And Lori Looks breathtaking.

Here are the images:

And Lori had a star studded birthday party inside her dad Steve Harvey’s GIGANTIC Atlanta palace. Steve lately purchased the second largest house in the State of Georgia. The only palace bigger that Steve’s – is Rick Ross palace (which was originally owned by Evander Holyfield).

The party was maskless – but only close family and mates were invited. Steve and Marjorie spent close to $100,000 turning their home into a ballroom, and later on in the evening, into a nightclub.
But calling the event that Marjorie put together a party, doesn’t do it justice – according to one person at the event. The insider told MTO News, “It was more like a birthday gala than a birthday party.”

Here’s a video of the gale – ……

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