Stephen Colbert Slams Politicians Defending Capitol Rioters: “What Are You Willing To Do To Help?”

Stephen Colbert continued to criticize Republican lawmakers and politicians who have disagreed with efforts to impeach Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection. The Late Show host, who previously called the mob attacking the U.S. Capitol “homegrown terrorists,” questions GOP figures’ calls for unity and their willingness to practice what they preach.
“Republicans, what is your outreach to the other side? You don’t get to stay in the game if you don’t toss in a chip of good faith,” he said. “The other side is going to stop this from happening again because they’re trying to eliminate the guy who caused it. What are you willing to do to help, because so far you have done nothing.”

His comments come after a number of GOP names announced that pursuing impeachment against Trump would further divide the country. On Tuesday Mike Pence announced that he will ……

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