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Stay Open seeks to transform unused commercial space into pod hotels and co-living centers | Boing Boing

What’s going to happen to all those unwanted office buildings, which are likely to remain unused after the pandemic subsides? An LA-based startup called Stay Open plans to transform unused commercial space into “pod hotels” and co-living properties.According to a release, Stay Open’s “pod hotels” will have “private modular rooms each with 4 to 8 private sleeping pods, high-end shared restrooms, large common areas for work or play, food and beverage outlets, and locally-inspired amenities. Private rooms and family rooms with the option of private bathrooms are also available.”

Guests can use Stay Opens social platform app to find match up with podmates who share related interests

Each STAY OPEN hotel will include at least 10 rooms with 4 to 8 private sleeping pods per room and approximately 10 private rooms featuring king and queen beds for those seeking more space. All STAY OPEN properties will feature food and beverage amenities, common areas for work ……

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