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Spider-Man 3 Fan Art Casts John Cena As Sandman, And Wow

Spider-Man 3 Fan Art Casts John Cena As Sandman, And Wow

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an entertainment behemoth over the past decade and change of filmmaking. Kevin Feige continues to grow and expand the franchise, adapting more iconic characters in live-action. There are a number of highly anticipated movies coming down the pipeline, including Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie. Fans are eager for any indication as to which villains will go to battle with Peter Parker, and new fan art imagines John Cena as the iconic Sandman.

John Cena came to be a household name as a professional wrestler, as well as the subject of countless memes. Cena has since become a popular actor, with roles in projects like Trainwreck , the delayed blockbuster F9 , and The Suicide Squad . But some fans also want him to join the MCU, specifically playing Sandman in the third Spider-Man movie. Check out what he could look like as the villain […]

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