Social Media Reminds Tae Heckard Of Her Past With Teyana Taylor After Tae Said ‘Loyalty’ Is Her Best Characteristic – The Shade Room

She probably didn’t plan on it, but actress Tae Heckard got a social media dragging Friday after posting a stunning selfie on her socials.
It wasn’t necessarily the picture she shared that got people talking, but her choice of words that she used to accompany the photo.
Tae Heckard, who is in her early 40s, wrote “Loyalty is my best characteristic.”
While she may have just been trying to post a thirst trap, people on social media took the opportunity to make her eat her words by bringing up her past with Teyana Taylor.

loyalty is my best characteristic photo.twitter.com/sGyATI84gd
— Tae Heckard (…

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