Sharon Stone’s Abortion Revelation, Plus: More Bombshells from Her New Memoir

The scandalous revelations just keep coming from Sharon Stone!
In her new memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice,” Stone discloses she crossed state lines to have an abortion when she was a teenager, writing, “I was too scared and shocked to comprehend what to do.”
At the age of 18, her then-boyfriend drove her from Pennsylvania to Ohio to undergo the procedure. She shares, “I was bleeding all over the place and far worse than I should have been, but this was a secret and I had no one to tell so I stayed in my room and bled for days. I was weak and scared.”
Stone also claims that a manager had some jaw dropping words for her just weeks before she was cast in her star-making film “Basic Instinct.”
She writes, “My manager at the time had told me that no one would hire me because everyone said I ……

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