Sebastian Stan Talks Going Totally Nude For ‘Monday’

When Sebastian Stan said he and Denise Gough “gave it our ‘all’” for “Monday”, he wasn’t joking.
Stan and Gough are set to star in the film “Monday” about two Americans in Athens over the course of a heatwave. And the best way to beat the heat is to strip down.
The star opened up to TheWrap about going full frontal for the film.
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“If it was truthful and made sense, then OK. Obviously trust was a big thing here,” he said of going nude. “I knew we were trying to tell such an honest depiction of a involvement that we were going to be open to whatever that meant, as long as it remained truthful and made sense.”
Earlier this week, Stan teased admirers with a cheeky glimpse in a nude Instagram post.
Stan ……

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