Sean Connery died on October 31st

IN OCTOBER 1962, just as the globe watched America’s handsome young president go head to head with the Soviets over their missiles on Cuba, another 20th-century hero made his first on-screen appearance. James Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, described him as English, with a slim build, blue-grey eyes, a cruel mouth and short black hair, a comma of which rested on his forehead. The man the globe came to comprehend as Bond when “Dr No” was released that month was a hulking Scot with dark eyes and so little hair he had to wear a toupée. But the two men had more in common than one might think, and it was their differences as much as their similarities that combined to make him the Bondest of Bonds.
The first glimpse of him is from behind. The camera pans around the gaming table at Les Ambassadeurs in London, pausing briefly to ……

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