Savannah Ré Details The Love In ‘Opia’ EP

Imagine sitting across from your partner and staring in silence for an undisclosed amount of time, to see what emotions arise from the experience. That’s the concept behind Savannah Ré’s intense video for “Opia.” The Toronto-born singer and her husband, and a few other couples, and one set of strangers, take turns sitting in front of their partners to find meaning in their eyes while her somber single plays in the background. As she waxes poetically  about opening y to her partner, tears fall, people laugh, and new understandings are found about what love means. Its power lies in how it falls into the cracks of what regular sentimental displays equate to, showcasing how vulnerable the heart is when put into compromising positions.
“Opia” is the title track to Savannah’s start EP of the same name that is out today and, over the course of a Zoom call a day ……

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